A places to visit in Phuket with families

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A places to visit in Phuket with families. The beautiful pearl of the Andaman like Phuket. Just mentioning the name, everyone would think of the beautiful clear water, relaxed atmosphere.  Including sightseeing in the old town of Sino-Portuguese, right? Today we will introduce the family travel in Phuket. 

Mai Khao Beach

The first point you will meet upon arrival in Phuket. As this location is only 9 kilometers from the airport, it takes only a few minutes by car. It is a beautiful long beach. clear water It is a beach where we can see planes landing up close. Anyone who is photogenic, check-in must not miss this place. Traveling in Phuket like here Let’s make an appointment to dress up and take a photo with planes on the beach as a souvenir.

How to get there: You can travel by car. There is a parking spot at the shrine at the beach or if anyone rents a car with driver in Phuket. You can tell the driver that you want to go to this beach.

Phuket Aquaria

It is the largest aquarium in Thailand located in the heart of Central Phuket Floresta. Both saltwater and freshwater more than 300 species, with many types of rare fish to see and study. There is also a special show feeding amazing underwater animals. This Phuket family vacation is suitable for homes with children. Because in addition to being a fun trip, you can also learn at the same time as well. Guaranteed to be liked by both children and adults for sure. Anyone looking for a place to visit in Phuket must pin it here.