A places to visit in Phuket with families(2)

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Phuket Old Town

A places to visit in Phuket with families, The Sino-Portuguese style old town. It is a style that is a perfect blend of Eastern and Western art. There are many alleys connected together. Full of architecture and street art that tells the story and culture of Phuket people. Nowadays, buildings, buildings, houses have been converted into restaurants, hotels and cafes. It is a place to visit in Phuket town where you can walk and chill all day long. Because there are many shops and restaurants for us to choose from. visit and taste. 

Let’s just say that when you come to Phuket, you must not miss it. Whether it’s southern food, from the taste to the machine or Hokkien noodle including the local food of Phuket. It can be said that coming here only one place can absorb many different cultures. Let me tell you that anyone who is a foodie must not miss the best. Restaurant Delicious Phuket ‘s

How to get there : It can be reached by car, taxi or by bus from the airport. Come down to the old town.

Phuket Walking Street, Lad Yai, Phuket Walking Street

When you arrive in Phuket Old Town, you must not miss the attractions in Phuket Town with Sunday Walking Street here. It is a place to visit in Phuket for families to come and buy souvenirs while watching the Sino-Portuguese architecture. Because there are both handmade products local products and local food for us to choose to buy and eat a lot.

 There is also live music from artists who put their hats on at this pedestrian street. including various art exhibitions The exhibits also reflect the stories and lifestyles of Phuket people.