The Best Asian national parks

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The Best Asian national parks , the world’s green spaces are often declining as they are replaced by many buildings. This is why it is important to have national park To be a place whose purpose is to protect nature from invasion itself. And today we have 10 national parks in Asia to introduce each other, in addition to being completely natural. It is also suitable for visiting and relaxing in close contact with nature. But where is it? Let’s see.

 1. Masada National Park. Israel

The Best Asian national parks

          Masada National Park, a cultural heritage rich in history. Masada National Park sits on a plateau in the east of the Judean Desert above the Dead Sea. It is said to be a fortress where the Jews stayed when they were captured by Roman soldiers as rebels. and they committed suicide at this fort. Because they did not allow the Roman soldiers to kill or take them into slavery. and declared himself the winner This event shocked the Roman soldiers. to the point of acknowledging the dignity and courage of the Jews Called Masada National Park, it’s a place full of magic and interesting history.

2. Jiuzhai Valley National Park, China Jiuzhai Valley

National Park is located in Tianmen Mountain, the northern part of Sichuan Province. This place is known for the abundance and beauty of nature. especially the waterfall whose headwaters come from the fertile forest that flows from the heights down to the rocks and basins below causing a thin spray of water, just getting close to it, feeling refreshed immediately. In addition, the beauty of the lake is not less famous. Because the water in the lake of this national park is green and blue. And let’s just say it’s crystal clear. What better way to be in the midst of mountains, waterfalls and lakes? It’s another perfect place to relax and rejuvenate.