Chana the land of nature which was almost transformed into an industrial area.

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Chana the land of nature. Chana one of the coastal districts in the Gulf of Thailand of Songkhla Province. Is a source of abundance of nature both by sea and by land. Including there are many tourist attractions here. This area of ​​the district is becoming a hot topic in society at the moment. When the villagers in Chana rose up against the change in the color of the city plan of Chana district. From the green field to the purple field according to the government area management policy. 

First of all. Let’s understand how this change in urban planning color affects to this area. After the Cabinet An announcement was made to manage the area in Chana District to become a model city in 2019. There was a resolution requiring the Department of Town and Country. Planning to change the green area which is rural and agricultural area. Including Green Khat White. Which is a forest conservation area. Which prohibits the private sector from doing factory business. That affects the environment in these areas to become a purple area or a heavy industrial area.

Chana the land of nature

It has to be said that if the area in Chana District will have to be transformed into an industrial area, it will be very unfortunate. Because here there are natural resources that are still rich. Including forests beaches and seas that are worth conservation. And organized as a tourist attraction. Including a place to live for people in the area. Such as the Liwong Mine and Suan Kong Beach. Which is a popular tourist attraction of Chana District for example.

Of course if there really is the entry of the industry will certainly affect nature. Either directly or indirectly. This is something the villagers in Jana district don’t want to happen and want to keep their homeland intact.

The latest consider good news for Chana people because of the Cabinet. There was a resolution to delay the implementation of the model city project in Chana District. This is the first victory for the Jana people who join the fight to preserve the resources and natural resources in their homeland to survive. According to report by ufabet