Chang Arena of Buriram United Football Club

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Chang Arena of Buriram United Football Club. Chang Arena, formerly known as I-Mobile Stadium, is located in Muang District Buriram Province. It is a stadium built to serve as the home ground of Buriram United Football Club. The stadium, which has a capacity of 32,600 seats, is considered a tourist attraction, attracting both local and provincial residents. 

Chang Arena of Buriram United Football Club

Nearby, including football fans of all ages, come here. To view a beautiful football stadium and meet world-class standards When walking up the stairs to enter the field, we must say Wow. Because the field is beautiful, modern, great Like walking around a football field in a foreign country.

The first thing that catches the eye is the lawn with the western stand

It dominated by Thunder Castle letters, against the green grass. The field is emphasized in blue, making it look plain and bold. You can walk, watch and take pictures, all except for not walking down to step on the grass. Because grass is the heart Of football fields must be maintained very well.

Chang Arena The structure consists of steel and fiber. Built with a budget of more than 500 million baht, funded by i-Mobile and some of Mr. Nevin. Chidchob, President of club And classified as the first and only standardized football stadium in Thailand. That does not have a running track separating the court in order to provide an atmosphere of close proximity between the supporters and the ground Is a field that has passed the international football federation standards.

Football field using Pat Parram grass Imported from Australia which is super soft, helps to save athletes when falling. Under the grass is also buried Lucky Fiber San, a synthetic material. That has the property to help drain water to prevent waterlogging on the field Can drain water quickly within 15 minutes, no matter how heavy the rain is and still durable to use. 

The stadium has 4 floors, with the first floor being an office, a press room. Press room Souvenir shop, home team athlete room – visiting referee room, first aid room And the 2nd floor meeting room will be a large banquet room with 400 seats, the third floor has 6 VIP rooms and 1 banquet room and the 4th floor has 15 VIP rooms.

In the amphitheater side of the cheering side, there were almost all blue cheering chairs But will use the white chair that has the words Thunder Castle Is a chair for the leader of the Buriram team