flower field in chiangmai

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Flower field in chiangmai Chrysanthemum flower field, Ban Om Long,  Samoeng district, which will bloom in late October – November of every year, where we will experience the white chrysanthemum flower field in full bloom. Lined up in a row along the mountain range Until it became a wide flower field Contrast with the clear blue sky. Make a great impression on visitors

flower field in chiangmai

Wheat field, Samoeng Rice Research Center

The wheat field, located within the Samoeng Rice Research Center, Samoeng District, is a favorite spot for photographers. A wheat field Not very wide But these popular photographers Come to take pictures. Especially the portraits with golden rice trees swaying in the sunset after the mountain peaks hit the rice trees for a warm and beautiful atmosphere. The best time to visit the wheat fields is from mid-February to mid-March every year.

Samoeng Strawberry Farm

When entering February – Every March is the strawberry picking season in Samoeng district. The district is known as the largest strawberry growing area in Thailand. We will experience the sweet taste of the red ball from the farm. As well as enjoying the strawberry picking by yourself with amazing choices on the Samoeng route. You will see many strawberry farms that are open to visitors.