Flower fields Chiang Mai flower gardens

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Flower fields Chiang Mai flower gardenMany places began to bloom to show off. Welcoming tourists who love The softness of the flower Chiang Mai has many flower gardens. To get the most beautiful dress To have a beautiful and chic posture in each garden Where is the flower garden in front of you? So that they can hurry and go together

Flower fields Chiang Mai flower gardens

I love flower farm Flower fields Chiang Mai flower gardens

This year, in addition to the purple margaret field There is also a field of celosia flowers, red, apple, orange to add more interesting colors and for the I love flower farm, I still need a reservation to visit as before. This year, there are more systematic reservations, the girls have prepared a full-fledged chic dress with a personal photographer. Let’s take a picture with the celosia flower.

Margaret flower garden

Margaret flower garden No reservation required Course picture Confirm press the shutter back until the memory is full. The flowers begin to bloom from November to January, each year with new angles and shooting props. Can update the current picture Can be shared at each garden page 

Field of flowers, cold wind, Mon Chaem

Cold wind flower field Located on Doi Mon Jam. Is a wide field in an area descending to the mountains Saw a view of the vegetable garden in front of the steps In which the flower field is available to see in full in winter from November onwards in the winter flower field Full of many varieties of flowers The field of verbena flowers, cosmos flowers, red crest flowers Colorful paper flowers Sam-planted The admission fee is 40 baht per person, with flowers starting to bloom from October to January.

Hydrangea field fattening paste at Khun Pae

Flower fields Chiang Mai flower gardens

Hydrangea Khun Pae is located in Chom Thong district. It is a flowerbed for the villagers who are planted for Royal Project. Khun Pae is considered to be the only area that has the most hydrangea flower growing area. It turns into a vast field of hydrangeas with many colors including white, purple, bluish purple and pink, plus mountain views as a backdrop. The more you have to, the more beautiful the sunlight. The flowers will begin to bloom from September to January.

Samoeng Chrysanthemum flower field

Chrysanthemum flower field, Baan Om Long, Samoeng district, where we can experience the white chrysanthemum field in full bloom. Lined up in a row along the mountain range Until it became a wide flower field Contrast with the clear blue sky. Make a great impression on visitors The flowers will bloom from the end of October to the beginning of December of every year.