Grand Canyon Ratchaburi

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New landmark near Bangkok With the most spectacular photo angle, Grand Canyon Ratchaburi,  watch the collapsing clay sculpture into a rock-like shape Surrounded by blue-green puddles Including various soil patterns. That has been eroded into beautiful streaks Similar to the grand canyon Making this place become a hot check-in point at this time, it can be said that it is a perfect artistry created by nature. In the evening when the sun shines down, the atmosphere is thought to be Arizona. Walk among clay sculptures Get a really cool feeling

Grand Canyon Ratchaburi  is Located in Chom Bueng district Ratchaburi. This place is privately owned and not a direct tourist attraction. Due to the excavation of the rocks, the rainwater collects and forms a small blue lagoon. And there are tourists entering the quaint storage area, returning to post on social media Making it a current photography trend. Therefore, when arriving, we must be careful and help maintain cleanliness. And in any area where the sign reads Private areas, no entry, do not enter. 

Grand Canyon Ratchaburi

How to go Grand Canyon Ratchaburi ?

For the area of ​​Grand Kenyon that you can enter, you can pin it on google maps. Drive through the car to the end of the road, you will find this picture. It is an area of ​​the Grand Canyon where tourists come to take pictures. I parked the car and walked down. For the time period, but it is convenient to come when But if recommended In the evening, about 4:30 – 5:30 is the time when the light is beautiful, the weather is not hot, there is a constant wind blowing in. Walking to take pictures is quite comfortable.

The shooting operation begins. Walking in the first corner, you will see this corner first. With all the views Including the lake below The water is blue, green and very clear. Walking through the dented gorges Can stop standing and posing in a cool pose, will take a long distance, take close, depending on the point of view of each person The view here is all beautiful. This set of pictures has a little color adjustment. To match the atmosphere

The stone pattern is a line. Expected to be caused by the erosion of rainwater Into beautiful stripes Can be used as a cool background for a picture. Walk down Near the basin, the first basin a little more The view is very similar to the country.

The second basin There are rocks by the pool It is the highlight rock that everyone has to pose for photographing. For anyone who wants to take pictures at the Grand Canyon Ratchaburi. Try to respect the rules of the place. Walk around carefully. Because some soils are not tight, there may be slippage.