Harajuku Thailand a place to visit in Bangkok.

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         Harajuku Thailand. Travel in Bangkok Japanese village style A place to hang out. Including restaurants, various activities, as well as photogenic corners. That are as beautiful as if you were actually going to Japan. 

         Is there anyone around here who is thinking of traveling to Japan? Because of many things during this period. Traveling abroad may be difficult. But today we have Bangkok travel New to present at “Harajuku Thailand” almost every square area of ​​this place. It will take you to experience the charm and classic culture of the Land of the Rising Sun.

Harajuku Thailand

         Harajuku Thailand a new Japanese -style travel destination. Located on Suwinthawong Road. Try it anyone who has a chance to travel will be dazzled by the vast area. That has been transformed into a classic Japanese village. Ready to welcome all visitors to experience the atmosphere and aura of authentic Japan. Until it made us feel dizzy “Is this really a trip to Japan?” 

         In addition Harajuku Thailand is filled with more than 100 shops. Including restaurants. fashion clothing store Various souvenir shops which are gradually opening for service. (These stores will be fully and officially open from March 31, 2022) or anyone who is a photography enthusiast. We believe that it should be an eye-catcher. Because every angle you look at. They are all worth walking in and posing for. It can be said that he came only once and got the picture back to decorate it on social media for a long time. 

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