Koh Kood.

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Koh Kood is the second largest in Trat after Koh Chang. Has attractions with sandy beaches and crystal clear emerald waters that have been dubbed the “Andaman of the East Sea”. People who love to travel and relax in the midst of nature. Koh Kood is still in a state of being. completely natural with mountains and plains, ridges Which is the source of streams, streams, Has many waterfalls. In addition, Also has many tourist attractions that are sandy beaches and clear waters. Where tourists are popular to relax. There are also rich mangrove forests and coral reefs. Lifestyle for you.

1. Bang Bao Beach.

Is located on the west side. Close to Ao Ngam Kho. It is a white sandy beach about 800 meters long, almost circular in shape. suitable for swimming The beach area is plentiful. go with coconut grove Behind the beach there is a small canal. There is water running through it all year round. Bang Bao Beach is a beach that can be viewed. The sunset is one of the most beautiful beaches on Koh Kood.

2. Klong Chao Bay

Is located on the west side of Koh Kood. There is a white beach about 600 meters long. White sandy beach can swim. The beach area is fertile. Coconut trees with 100 long wooden bridges, Klong Chao Bay, tourists You can go to Khlong Chao Waterfall. By taking a boat to see the nature on both sides of the canal and continue walking a little more. It is the most beautiful waterfall on the island. Visitors may be able to see the light. From the fireflies that live in this mangrove forest at night and is one of the most beautiful sunset viewpoints.

3. Ao Tapao

Is located on the west side of Koh Kood. Koh Kood Cabana 400 meters long white sand beach, white sand beach, clear water able to swim The surrounding area of ​​the beach Abundant with coconut groves shady atmosphere Ao Tapao is a place to watch the sunset over the sea. One of the most beautiful on Koh Kood

4. Klong Yai Kee

Is on the west side of Koh Kood. There is a beach about 300 meters long, a long white beach that can swim. Opposite Koh Rad within the canal, Grandma Kee came to the route leading to Khlong Yai Kee Waterfall. similar to Khlong Chao waterfall but less beautiful Khlong Chao Waterfall can watch the sunset Setting up a tent and camping Should get permission from the beach attendant first.

5. Klong Tatin Bay

Located on the west side, long white sandy beach, clear water, suitable for kayaking and swimming. Ao Ngam Kho has a long white beach, a beautiful sunset viewpoint. The journey was comfortable, Sai Daeng Beach. There is a small beach, not very long. The sand at this beach is darker than other beaches. This is the origin of Red Beach, a shady atmosphere, private.

6. Ao Prao

Is located on the west side, which is the last southernmost bay of Koh Kood. a white beach The curve is about 800 meters long. The beach at Ao Prao has clear water and can swim. The top of the beach is fertile. Coconut groves, shady atmosphere Suitable for camping far away from the community. There are houses of farmers and fishermen planted along Khlong Prao.

7. Ao Jak

Is on the east side. It is a white sandy beach about 500 meters long, you can swim. The top area of ​​the beach is fertile. go with coconut grove There are houses of fishermen Live a little, it is the point where you can watch the most beautiful sunrise. One of Koh Kood, Ao Chak Beach is a private beach, camping or camping should be allowed. from the caretaker of the premise

8. Ao Yai Born

It is located on the east side of Koh Kood. Long white sandy beach with a semicircular curve The length of the beach is about 800 meters, long white sand beach. able to swim The back of the beach is on the hillside. The top area of ​​the beach is fertile with coconut trees. The atmosphere around the beach area is quiet, without houses. and community resources therefore suitable for relaxation Of people who truly love nature is the location of Koh Kood Resort. The first resort on Koh Kood  

9. Ao Salad Bay

On the east side of Koh Kood Ao Salad area is a curved, U-shaped bay with no beaches and fishing piers. and is the location of the community Fisherman’s houses on Koh Kood

10. Banana Bay

Is located in the east of Koh Kood. White sand beach about 300 meters long, white sand beach, clear water to swim in the water, peaceful atmosphere, devoid of houses, people and communities. is the location of Koh Kood Resort is a point to watch the sunrise One of the most beautiful on Koh Kood. There are sea grass sources. It is a habitat and food source for various kinds of aquatic animals.