Koh Tao a paradise island in Thailand

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Koh Tao a paradise island in Thailand. Koh Tao in the past was classified as a remote land. It is an almost uninhabited island. There will be villagers from Koh Phangan who migrated to settle in a long time ago.

Koh Tao, a paradise island in Thailand

Another picture of Koh Tao It used to be a detention facility for political prisoners. There will be prisoners from the Bowondej rebellion. including prisoners who moved from Koh Tarutao Pictures and stories of the suffering of prisoners who died of starvation and wild fever were recorded for future generations to recall Koh Tao in those days.

To this day, Koh Tao has changed faster than expected. became a famous tourist destination From coconut plantations to bungalows, resorts, shops and restaurants. Facilities on Koh Tao are complete. For example, Sairee Beach has become a center of tourism that is almost no different from Pattaya. or Khao San Road Every nook and cranny is an enormous treasure.

From a land that is almost worthless Although this island land does not have any rights documents at all.

Because it is the land of the Treasury Department, but the villagers have changed hands. until becoming part of many capitalists and foreigners There are still some parts that Koh Tao people still use the rights of Koh Tao people to maintain.

Pictures of the beauty of Koh Tao are found in various coves. Sairee beach area, Chor Por Ror Beach used to be a way of life of the villagers. Has become a tourist or all bungalow accommodation. Even along the hills and on the rocks. It can be transformed into a bungalow. And another island that everyone has to say about its beauty is ufabet Koh Nang Yuan, a Samsao island. with white sand beaches connected.

Today, Koh Nang Yuan has changed a lot. It is considered natural that everything can change. We are not attached Because the trend and direction of tourism will grow over time. From the past we had to travel to Koh Tao which took about 4-5 hours, but today the high speed boat takes about an hour and a half to Koh Tao.

Start from Khao San Road where tickets are available for travel to Koh Tao. Both air-conditioned buses and boats to Koh Tao that we choose from the Lomprayah boat. The return price is 1,500 baht. If it’s a weekday, it should be cheaper.