Nan city is full of cultural and natural attractions.

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Pua Nan District

Nan city is full of cultural and natural attractions. Pua, a small district in Nan Province Nowadays, it’s not just a passageway, Pua is a green town in a gorge full of cultural and natural attractions. It is home to people of different nationalities. Have their own traditions and cultures. During the farming season is the popular season of visiting Pua District. Because you will see lush green fields surrounded by mountains In the winter. It will experience the cold weather suitable for relaxation. In a calm atmosphere.

Nan city is full of cultural

Salt pond 

Another place that can be called that if you come to Nan and not stop by, it will be called you have not arrived as well, Bo Kluea District, in addition to the beautiful road leading to the district. It offers lodging amidst calm waters and nature, it is also famous for making salt in the mountains like no other. This salt bath has been around since ancient times and was sold to Sukhothai, Chiang Mai, Chiang Tung, Luang Prabang, as well as Xishuangbanna, southern China.


Baan Sapan is located in Bo Kluea District. Nan Province, about 9 kilometers from Bo Kluea Mountain. It is a small peaceful community situated in the midst of the nature of the mountains. A stream running through and during the rainy season, the farming season You can also see the scenery of the green rice fields as well. You can say that if you come to Bo Kluea Mountain, you can drive further, just a few minutes to reach the village of Sapan. Suitable for vacation Let life go slowly