Pattaya Elephant Village

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Pattaya Elephant Village. Come experience nature and cuteness. of all the lovely big and small elephants of Pattaya Elephant Village. Which is becoming another tourist attraction that is gaining popularity. Especially foreigners are popular to come to see Thai elephants up close. By sitting on the elephant’s back, experience the surrounding atmosphere of the village and feeding elephants. The form entered by our own hands. come here considered It is definitely worth coming to experience the lifestyle of Thai elephants in full again. And today, watching Asia dot com come to visit We don’t miss out on collecting photos of the atmosphere for you to share with each other closely with Nong Chang. Let’s not wait.

Pattaya Elephant Village

Let’s go see it at Pattaya Elephant Village.

Its Located on Pornprapanimit Road. Using the same route as the Phanarak Forest Park and the Siam Country Club Golf Course to travel into. It is another tourist attraction that is gaining popularity with both Thai and foreign tourists. Every day there will be a show of Thai elephants. Which will be shown only 1 round per day. The show takes about 1 hour with an entrance fee of 250 baht per person. Which is not expensive at all. with a show that can’t be seen anywhere like this And there are also many other activities.

including sitting and praising the scenery on both sides of the water. to feed the fish along the way. The atmosphere is quiet, suitable for people who are very fond of nature. After that, there will be a cart ride activity by dragging 2 cows. The distance to ride a cart from the pier to the elephant village is about 2 3 kilometers. If you go during the daytime, the weather is very hot. Thailand is already very sunny. It is recommended that friends bring parasols as well. If anyone is afraid of black and another activity that cannot be tried If you have a chance to come to Ban Chang Pattaya is to ride an elephant Here.

They offer elephant trekking services to see the forest 4 times a day, at 8:30 a.m., 10:00 a.m., 12:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. is the last round of the day. 

It’s good for Brother Chang to rest for a while. Another activity that should be tried is another one. elephant feeding activity because besides being able to feed the elephants from our hands Being very close to Khun Chang and also getting merit Just seeing the elephants full makes me feel at ease. because he must use a lot of energy In bringing the show for us to see each day, if friends go to the Pattaya Elephant Village. Don’t forget to feed it a lot.