Phanom Rung Historical Park

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Phanom Rung Historical Park  or Prasat Hin Phanom Rung  Located in Chaloem Phra Kiat district Buriram Province About 77 kilometers south of Buriram city. It is an archaeological site located on Khao Phanom Rung, the peak of an extinct volcano, approximately 200 meters from the plain.

Phanom Rung Historical Park

Phanom Rung Historical Park

The word Phanom Rung comes from the Khmer word Namrung means mountain. Big Built with one of the most beautiful forms of ancient Khmer art, Prasat Hin Phanom Rung is one of the most famous Thai Khmer rock castles. It is an important tourist destination of Buriram Province and is considered an important symbol of Buriram Province.

Prasat Hin Phanom Rung was built in Hinduism. Which revered Lord Shiva as the supreme deity to be the temple of Lord Shiva He who sits on top of Mount Krailas. 

Therefore, this castle was built on top of Phanom Rung Mountain. Thus reflecting respect. The Hindu sect as well. Khao Phanomrung is like Krila Khao, the residence of Lord Shiva. Composition and schematic diagram of Prasat Phanom Rung has been designed in a straight line. And focus on the importance towards the center. That is the president castle. 

Which faces east. On the right side of the stairs leading to the religious sanctuary there is a building called the tabernacle. This building may be a building called At present, the tabernacle is removed. Which is the accommodation for the king’s body. Before entering the worship of the gods or assembling Rituals in the religious area

Nakaraj Bridge

The pathway to the castle Decorated with pillars with lotus buds-like peaks Called Sang Sang Riang, number 35 on each side, extending to Nakarat Bridge In which the plan of the cross is elevated. The bridge rail is made of the body of the Naga, 5 heads, According to belief, it is a way that connects the human world and the gods. 

What is interesting At the center of the bridge. There is a picture of eight lotus petals. May refer to the eight deities in Hinduism. The point where the people come to worship Pray From the Nakarat Bridge on the 1st floor. There are 52 steps to the hilltop courtyard. In front of the arched east porch .There is a bridge on the second floor of the Nakaraj balcony creating a continuous room.