Sawasdee Chiang Mai

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Pine Forest of Wat Chan

Sawasdee Chiang Mai. Pine Forest of Wat Chan Forest Industry Organization (OPP) is located in Galyani Vadhana district. In winter. The land in the middle of this valley in mist and cold wind. Anyone who visited this place would not be fascinated by the beauty that was seen in front of him as the fog floated over. Thewson and Reservoirs As well as beautiful fresh colors of maple leaves that change Besides winter. If you come to visit in the rainy season, you will find another atmosphere of green and refreshing.

Mae Kampong House

Mae Kampong House

Ban Mae Kampong is located in the sub-district of Mae On. It is a small village hidden among the green forest. With a cool clear stream flowing through. It is a popular tourist destination that many people tend to want to visit for once. Travel to Mae Kampong, can travel overnight, relax, sleep at a homestay by the river. In a simple atmosphere That there are many companies to choose from Or going on a day trip, you can travel comfortably.

Baan Mae Lai

Baan Mae Lai is located in Mae On District. Chiang Mai Province It is a peaceful village in the midst of the complete forest. There is a stream running through the village. If anyone is familiar with the pictures of Ban Mae Kampong The motif has a similar atmosphere. 

Because it is located in the same zone, but on the other side, what the Ban Mae Lai is different from Ban Mae Kampong is that this place remains quiet. Not a lot of tourists as most of them go to stay at Mae Kampong. The cold weather all year round because it cover with forest throughout the village. Baan Mae Lai Me Homestay There are many accommodation services to fully experience the atmosphere. It is another option for people who want to relax in the midst of true nature.

Ban Mae Mae

Ban Mae Mae is located in Chiang Dao District. It is famous for the treehouse homestay, which is a large thatched-roof wooden house situated close to the forest. Saw the green trees growing in a dense consistency Saw the peaceful atmosphere of nature around the area. The highlight of coming to Ban Mae Mae is to relax in the midst of nature Sit and look at the green forest.  A breath of fresh air Take a walk through the streams that flow Living in harmony with the space and nature.