Tak city a variety of attractions

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Tak city a variety of attractions and rich nature. Beautiful with mountains, forests, waterfalls, sea mist, lifestyle, culture Beautiful temples. Including the shopping atmosphere of the border town like Mae Sot With a variety of attractions Tak is therefore one of the provinces that meet the needs of travel travelers. They love nature, adventure, culture and way of life. Including the person who likes to eat, you should not miss it. Because Tak has restaurants and delicious local food There are many restaurants to choose from, with 40 stops to eat and travel to Tak, so you can enjoy a variety of charms as you like.

Tak city a variety of attractions

Tak city a variety of attractions

Somphot Bridge of Rattanakosin 200  years   

Sompoch Krung Rattanakosin 200 Year Bridge is located in Muang Tak district. A wooden bridge hung with a wire rope For walking across the Ping River that Tak townspeople use to travel back and forth Including a place to relax, especially in the evening. This bridge is known as the most beautiful viewpoint of the Ping River in Tak Province. Along with watching the beautiful colorful sunset atmosphere During the night. The lights are decorated beautifully. Making the bridge look bright and striking over the dark water

Chinese house alley

A small road that the people of Tak called “Baan Chin Alley” is located in Muang Tak District on Taksin Road. Its not far from the 200-year-old Rattanakosin Somphot Bridge. It is a very prosperous trading community in the past. Even today, the hustle and bustle of the trading community may not remain. But traces of past glory remain. Through the old houses that still retain the original architecture quite intact For future generations to appreciate in the midst of a simple lifestyle. Become another interesting tourist attraction of Tak Province.

Shrine of King Taksin the Great

Shrine of King Taksin the Great A sacred place that is revered by people of Tak province. Also the general Thai people who pass by will have to pay homage and pray to him Inside shady place. There is a parking lot to accommodate. The court is a Chaturamuk Pavilion. In front of the court hanging red chinese lanterns Inside there is a picture of the history of God Tak Behind the court there is a statue. And war horse dolls Many war elephants that people bring Inside the shrine is enshrined. The statue of King Taksin the Great is slightly larger than the actual King. In the gesture that was sitting on the royal seat. With the sword’s light on the thigh It is another place in Tak that must be visited for the prosperity of life.

Wat Bosothamanee Sriboonruang

This temple is located not far from the Shrine of King Tak. The interesting thing inside the temple is the Mon-style Chedi, which is unusual with a Thai-style vihara. And inside this vihara is where Luang Pho Phutthamon is enshrined A bronze Buddha image in the Sukhothai period with a very beautiful Buddhist character. Next to the pagoda, you will find a white church on the front and back walls with beautiful stucco designs. Behind the temple is an old vihara, a gable decorated with beautiful stained glass. On the side, there is Viharn Luang Pho Than Jai.