Take a morning trip at Nonthaburi.

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Take a morning trip at Nonthaburi. In the morning with good weather like this, let’s start our trip at Pracharat Floating Market, Suan Bua, the market in Nonthaburi, Bang Yai District, with a shady atmosphere like a garden house, with shops lined up around a large pond in the middle of the market in the floating market. Usually there are villagers or local people who bring local food and agricultural products for sale. Such as coconut milk, fried noodles, and pork noodles.

Take a morning trip at Nonthaburi

After having a full meal. We come to pay homage to the monks at Wat Ku Wat, built with Mon art. It is said that this temple was built in 1752. The reason why Wat Ku was called Wat Ku was because there was an incident at the royal barge. of Her Majesty Queen Sunandha Kumariratana. The Empress Dowager of King Chulalongkorn while traveling to Bang Pa-In on Chonlamat, had an accident in which the royal barge capsized, causing Her Majesty Queen Sunanthakumarirat to die after this temple. Therefore, it calls Wat Ku. At present, inside the Viharn of the temple is a large 33-meter reclining Buddha statue. That local villagers and tourists frequented to pay homage to the prosperity of life.

Lets come together to the Museum of Music by the artist Montri Tramote. Which is the home of Kru Montri Tramote, an artist of 5 countries who specializes in music and has composed many Thai songs. Inside the museum will display the simple lifestyle and biography of Khru Montri. Including handwritten songs and instruments used by Khun Montri to create works such as dulcimer and xylophone.

After enjoying the music, it’s time to find something to eat!

 And our next target is Bang Yai Market ! For those who wonder where is Bang Yai Market? Don’t be afraid to get lost, just take the MRT Purple Line and get off at Bang Yai Station and you can see the market immediately. Bang Yai Market is open 24 hours a day. So no matter how late you arrive. There are items for sale! In the market and many famous snacks or restaurants to choose from. Also it is fashion clothes, second-hand items, vintage items are also available for sale. It can say that coming to this market will definitely get souvenirs to take home.

How are you doing today’s trip. Including going to the morning market in Nonthaburi like Pracharat Floating Market, Suan Bua, paying respect to beautiful temples like Wat Ku. Admiring the biographies of artists from 5 countries like Kru Montri Tramot, and ending the trip. Of the day at Bang Yai Market, ufabet Nonthaburi. After reading this, have you started wanting to travel yet? So why keep waiting? Step on your feet and go out for a walk!