Tax Refunds of Japan.

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    Tax Refunds of Japan. Who goes to Japan and doesn’t go shopping? I’ll tell you that I’m very stubborn! Because here there are many types of products that are attractive to buy. From electrical appliances electronic equipment to consumer products. Some brands are almost half the price in Thailand. It had to be brought back to normal. But now the prices that are often shown on the price tags often add an additional 8% VAT. Which in this respect tourists will be able to refund a certain amount only.

          – Being a short-term tourist, i.e. not staying in Japan for more than 6 months.

          – Not a Japanese citizen

          – Not working in Japan

          – Buying goods in the category of consumer products (food, medicine, cosmetics, appliances drinks, electronics, clothing, etc.).And it’s lifestyle for someone. Must be purchased in-store on the same day (same receipt is best) and the total value exceeds 5,000 yen. But does not exceed 500,000 yen.

  How to claim Tax Refunds.

          When we have purchase products that meet the criteria enough time to pay. Inform the staff at the checkout counter that you want to do a Tax Refund. The shop will ask for our passport. Only the original must be submit. Some UFABET shops will process refunds to tourists right there or some will issue documents for them. Then let us go to do Tax Refund at the counter of the shop. Or another department store. However, the store will pack all our products into bags that are in the bill and we strictly forbid opening the products in the bags before leaving Japan. So if you think about what to use in Japan must separate the product to pay In the process of pack products. You can tell the staff to pack separately. So that it will not be difficult when packing luggage to go home.

          And when done Please keep the Tax Refund document attached in your passport. Do not lose it, as it must be returned to the staff at the airport. There will be a basket for us to put at the airport.