The Best Asian national parks(2)

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Sundarbans National Park India

         The Best Asian national parks India is not only good at the Taj Mahal, but also a beautiful place like Sundarbans National Park is located in the western part of Bengal in India itself. The Sundarbans National Park is famous for home to many rare wildlife such as the Bengal tiger. It is also one of India’s famous wildlife sanctuaries. and with an area of ​​more than three hundred thousand acres This is a vast place suitable for the habitat of all wild animals. whether it is a variety of birds saltwater crocodile Including various invertebrates, which, in addition to being a paradise for animals, is also considered to be the Sundarbans National Park. It is truly a castle for people who like ecotourism.

Khao Sok National Park

   Göreme National Park , Turkey Göreme National Park is located in the heart of Anatolia. 

Area which is an interesting historical district of Turkey. The highlight of this park is the many chimney-like rock blocks. It is said that this was a Roman settlement. It was also the residence of the Christians of the time who had escaped from the pre-religion of Christianity. Even though the surrounding area looks a bit dry. Because there are only limestone sticks and large stone slabs but with many historical stories. This makes Goreme National Park very popular among tourists. as well as archaeologists and historians interested in tracing the past from important pieces of evidence such as the stone blocks that line each other.

Khao Sok National Park, Thailand

  Surat Thani Province is not only famous for Koh Samui. Because the province is also home to Khao Sok National Park. Which Khao Sok National Park is a vast natural resource that is covered with rainforest. And consists of a wide variety of plants and wildlife. Including elephants, deer, tigers, bears, tapirs, gibbons, monkeys, chamois, and various types of birds, and with the abundance of this forest. Scientists say that Khao Sok National Park is probably more diverse and older than the Amazon forest.

 In addition to the forest, there is also a rich water source such as Khlong Phra Saeng. which is a large body of water in this forest. And the highlight of this place is “Bua Phut” which is the largest plant in the world. When fully grown, it can reach 35 inches in diameter and although its appearance is attractive. But let me tell you that this smell is so stinking that I want to turn away.