The top South sea in Thailand 2

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Koh Lao Liang, Trang 

Koh Lao Liang  is The top South sea in Thailand Another beautiful island of Trang Sea. Having heard the reputation of being beautiful for a long time, the aftermath is two limestone mountains that stand out in the blue-green sea. It’s a so-called private island. Because the national park has granted only one private concession to take care of island tourism, it is possible to limit the number of tourists to the island. As a result, Koh Lao Liang still has a calm and natural atmosphere. If you want to find a quiet corner to relax Sit and watch the sea view, do activities or read a quiet book As soon as we stepped down and stepped onto the soft sandy beach on Koh Lao Liang, peace was born because we were able to live in true nature.

Racha Island Phuket

If anyone has come to Phuket, the Racha Island Tour program, Koh He is a travel program that can not be missed, which can be traveled together in 1 day There is a clean white sandy beach. There is a beach on the west side between the valleys in a similar shape. The horseshoe is called Ao Pak Tok. It has fine white sandy beaches. The water is clear and clean, similar to the sea in the Similan Islands.

Hong Islands, Krabi

An archipelago that consists of many large and small islands such as Koh Lao or Saga Island. Koh Lao Riam Phakebia Island Koh Lao La Ding, etc., with Hong Island or Koh Lao Pi Le is the largest island in the south. In general, he is a limestone. There are coral reefs in both shallow and deep water levels suitable for diving. Hong Island has an interesting point, including “Ao Bi Le”. Curved sandy beach in the shape of flying birds. Fine sand, clean white, clear emerald green water with small fish Swim around and see everywhere Considered to be a beautiful place for kayaking and snorkeling, it is ranked as one of the top 10 cleanest and best beaches in the world.

Koh Kradan 

Koh Kradan is a beautiful island. Of Trang Province It is the responsibility of Hat Chao Mai National Park, Koh Kradan is an island that is very wide. There are beaches with fine white sand. The vast beach is beautiful to swim. The water is crystal clear until you can see the shallow coral reefs, as well as a large variety of fish Every day there will be tourists stop by for a boat to play in the water. Soak up the sun, admire the beauty of the sand a lot. It is also an island rich in natural environment. Whether it is a beautiful tree or a rock streak that is surprisingly beautiful, it is an island that is so beautiful in nature that it gets more and more attention. Country because there are regular nature surveys.

Kamphaeng Ranong Islands

When talking about the Ranong sea, many people often think of Koh Phayam. But how many people will know the beautiful island grip? There are pristine beaches around the island. Kamphaeng Islands are islands in the area of ​​Laem Son National Park. There is a large island as the center and surrounded by Kam Nui Island, Klang Island, Klang Island, Japan and finally Bat Island, which has a sandy beach. The clear blue sea is similar to the Similan Islands.