The top South sea in Thailand

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 The top South sea in Thailand in the The beach season, lets prepare bikini , hats, and sunglasses. Let’s go get the sea breeze now. But where to go Together, a dreamy islands on both sides of the South Sea. Both the Gulf of Thailand and Andaman emphasize clear water. And beautiful beaches  There will be where to sit in the heart, follow and watch together. 

Andaman coast

Similan Islands

An archipelago characterized by crystal blue waters and powdery white sand beaches. Similan’s heart is The distinctive sailing stone is published all over the world. Until it became a symbol of Similan Including the dive sites of this archipelago is also known as very dazzled. There is also a viewpoint at the governor’s yard. It is a high angle viewpoint of the sea where you can see a panoramic view of the Similan Islands. 

The top South sea in Thailand

 Koh Lipe  Island

Koh Lipe, beautiful island, crystal clear water of Satun sea, Koh Lipe means island that is smooth like paper. Which is derived from The local language of the Nam people or Chao Le (Urak Lawoi tribe) who live on the island. Most of them do a fishing career around the island, full of rich coral forests. Koh Lipe has beautiful coves. White sand beach The most beautiful bay is Pattaya Bay. On the island there are accommodation to serve tourists. In addition, around Koh Lipe Still surrounded by islands That is beautiful, both the Kao Adang Rawi Koh Rok Noi and Koh Hin Ngam. Including the famous dive site Chauffe bay that can see seven soft coral colors beautiful as well.


The top South sea in Thailand

Khai Island Phang Nga

Khai Island, a small island in Phang Nga province, has 3 islands: Khai Nok Island, Khai Nai Island (Khai Maat Island) and Khai Nui Island. The first two islands have fine white sandy beaches. Clear blue sea And beautiful rock formations The Khai Nui Island. A small island in the middle of the sea That popular tourists come to snorkel and see corals And various kinds of fish A small beach On the island but not allowed to go on the beach 

Thale Waek (Separated Sea)  Krabi

One of the most unseen Thailand attractions with a wonderfully beautiful point where we can walk on the fine white sand. From island to island, it’s time for low tide. Thale Waek (Separated Sea) caused by Sansai from three islands: Chicken Island, Mo Island, Thap Island, Open Sea Tourism It is popular to travel all 4 islands, namely Chicken Island, Tab Island, Mo Island, Poda Island, which can be traveled in 1 day.

Poda Island Krabi 

Poda Island, the beautiful island of Krabi sea It is a private island that is still beautiful. It is one of the highlights of a trip to the sea. Krabi Koh Poda Located in the sea in front of Ang Nang It is about 8 kilometers from the coast of Ao Nang if standing on the beach at Ao Nang or Phonarat Thara beach. Then look out into the sea to see a cluster of small and large islands In the vicinity, the largest island in it is Koh Poda. Nearby islands are Koh Thap, Ko Mo, Ko Kai, which is the 4 highlight islands for the Krabi sea.

Koh Rok Krabi

Koh Rok is in the Krabi sea waters that connect the Trang Sea. It is characterized by two small islands set up together as an island with a long stretch of sandy beach, soft white sand and soft feet. Travel atmosphere of Koh Rok Suitable for lovers of searching for a beautiful, serene and romantic view from nature. Anemone rich coral reefs are home to the bright orange and yellow clown fish. There is a view point for Koh Rok, which See the scenery of Koh Rok Nok and Koh Rok Nai and It is also a very beautiful sunset view point. 

Phi Phi Island, Krabi

Phi Phi Islands  are part of the National Park. Nopparat Thara Beach – Phi Phi Islands consists of two big islands: Phi Phi Don Island, Phi Phi Ley Island, Phi Phi Don Island is the center of Phi Phi Islands, with accommodation, restaurants and complete facilities. It also has a beautiful view. Phi Phi Don Island consists of two bays that form a double bay, Ton Sai Bay and Loh Dalum Bay, separated by small plains and shaded by coconut trees.

Koh Jum, Krabi 

Koh Jum is located in the district of Koh Sriboya. Nuea Khlong District Krabi Province Only 22 kilometers from the coast. It is an island that has been inhabited by local communities for a long time. The island consists of 3 villages, Koh Pu village. Koh Jum village and Ting Sai village The island is a small, quiet community with friendly and hospitable people. In addition, the scenery on the island is still beautiful. There are many long beaches. Crystal clear water There is still a lot of tranquility and nature that has not changed much.

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