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Doi Suthep

Travel in Chiang Mai city , Doi Suthep is not only home to Wat Phra Borommathat Doi Suthep. Priceless place in Chiang Mai This high mountain is still complete with conditions Both natural flora and fauna, especially birds, along with easy access to transportation. Because the foot of the mountain is far from Chiang Mai town, only 6 kilometers with various tourist attractions. For sightseeing throughout the Phu Phing Palace, Doi Pui.

Travel in Chiang Mai city

Thapae Gate 

Highlighted check-in points of the province If you don’t come, you won’t reach Chiang Mai. It is a popular spot for tourists to take pictures walking past the pigeons that fly past them. Or leaning on an orange brick wall and a beautiful door that is old and magical Especially in the morning and evening when the light shines on the wall is very beautiful. The area around the wall is well decorated. Looks clear and clear. It is a tourist attraction where you girls often dress up to take pictures. At this point, Tha Phae Gate is the only city gate that has a door. And is the starting point of the Tha Phae Walking Street on Sunday It is also a venue for various traditional activities. Of Chiang Mai 


Long Him Kao, a small art community selling local products and handicrafts. Located at Ban Mon San Kamphaeng District Arise from the gathering of people who love art. I want to share art and culture. Various handcrafted products By opening a variety of shops such as handicrafts, tie-dye, woven cloth, bags, jewelry, coffee shops and restaurants, with support for a no-hurry life campaign. This is the opening of the community for tourists to come to experience the art, culture and lifestyle of the Long Him Kao people. Including buying souvenirs at affordable prices in style

Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden

Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden Located in Mae Rim District Is a place of conservation and collection of plants in categories according to various families By planting in accordance with nature as possible by Both the sky walk on the treetop A group of greenhouse buildings on the top of the hill To enjoy viewing a flower garden and a variety of plants. Considered to be a source of recreation and a place to study nature that is worth visiting once.

Nimanhaemin Road 

If talking about the famous hip street district of Chiang Mai Probably no one knows Nimanhaemin Road The commercial and entertainment streets are packed with shops, cafes, accommodations and quirky restaurants, characterized by architecture and creative ideas. If you want to update the modern You must not miss visiting here.