Unseen Nakee Cave.

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Unseen Nakee Cave. Invite you to travel to a new attraction. Phu Langka National Park. On the side of Nakhon Phanom Province with “Nakee Cave” a natural attraction with large rocks It resembles a serpent curled up to incubate its eggs. The stone is serpentine scales, beautiful, magical, easy to travel. No need to book an appointment in advance. It takes only 1-2 hours to walk. Let’s go to know this Nakee Cave.        

After the discovery of Naka Cave, Phu Langka National Park side of Bueng Kan Province until it became a celebrity. There is an overwhelming number of tourists to visit. Recently it has been revealed that a new attraction has been found in Phu Langka National Park. Side of Nakhon Phanom Province Similar to the Naka Cave but according to the beliefs of the villagers. Therefore it is called “Nakee Cave”.

Where is Nakee Cave?  Nakee Cave is under the care of Phu Langka National Park. It is located at Phai Lom Subdistrict, Ban Phaeng District, Nakhon Phanom Province. It is about 2 kilometers from the park office and about 300 meters away from Tad Pho Waterfall, the 4th level.

The beauty of Nakee Cave.         

It looks like a group of stones with a striped surface pattern similar to a large serpent’s body scales. Villagers and explorers saw a shape similar to a serpent curled up to incubate an egg. have both the head and the body perfect beauty surrounded by green forest Still a hundred percent natural Inside Nakee Cave, there is a stone shaped like a peacock with its back turned. But some say it is more like a snake’s head. It depends on the discretion of the individual. At the end of the cave, there is a Buddha image for villagers and tourists to pay respect to.

Visiting Nakee Cave.         

From the Phu Langka National Park office There will be a cement walkway connecting to Tad Pho Waterfall. And is a nature study route up to Tad Pho Waterfall, the 4th level, keep walking through Pha Sawan Waterfall. and Hin Ngam Waterfall The total distance is about 1.5 kilometers. From this point it is a bit difficult to walk. because you have to slowly walk on the cliffs of Sai Ngam Waterfall but not dangerous because it is a low water season Easy walk through the rocky cliffs Then it will be a walk up the hill. There are certain periods where you have to climb. A distance of about 300 meters, there are signs from the beginning to the Nakee cave.

          To go to visit Nakee Cave No need to book in advance. But must contact the staff first. For the provision of staff to guide the visit.