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Visit Chanthaburiม Chanthaburi, a province near the city where you can travel all year round Is complete in all matters. if you want to travel to chill and get the sea breeze. it is because it is a province next to the sea. Is a fertile province Of the natural resources of the forest, which is the source of water Want to experience the scent of the past, close to the history, there is a retrace. 

There are popular activities to fill your stomach. Such as the homestay, eating crab. That makes Chanthaburi become a famous tourist destination and is increasingly recognized by tourists. It is located not too far from Bangkok. Convenient transportation, takes about 3 hours more than a day of vacation.

Chanthaburi Gem and Jewelry Center

Sethan at a source of gemology education and distributes gems and jewelry that meet the factory price standards. With certification from the government It has a large gem museum. And a video viewing room in three dimensions. That tells a story of history Of gems and accessories of Chanthaburi From upstream to downstream, gemstones from various sources have gone through the production and processing process.

Old waterfront community, Tha Luang District

If anyone visiting Chanthaburi should not miss a walk to see the architecture. Ancient houses at Chanthaboon riverside community An old community along the Chanthaburi River. With a starting point from the foot of the Wat Chan bridge In line to the bottom market community As a residence And the shops of the community.

Church of Wat Mae Phra Patthinthiniramon

Church of Wat Mae Phra Patthinthiniramon Located in the city of Chanthaburi. In the same area as Satri Mae Phitak School It is characterized by Gothic art, decorated with a wooden church, decor with stained glass. A saint In Christianity. The statue of the Virgin Mary has a calm expression. Sparkling mercy Stand in front of a grand-looking Gothic temple If the interior is calm, cool and beautiful with European decorative art, this magnificent building has stood the test of time for more than a century. Therefore, it is not only the most beautiful church, but also the center of the faith of all Christians. Not only Chanthaboon, but also covers the eastern seaboard ever.

Blue church Pak Nam Khem Nu Temple

See the striking blue ceramic church at Wat Pak Nam Khaem Nu, Tha Mai District, a cool landmark of Chanthaburi. The beautiful dazzling blue church floor pattern contrasts with the white floor. Similar to porcelain vessels made of ceramics in ancient times. Its different from the general temple that has ever seen Is an eye-catcher to those who have seen the picture Causing sharing in the social world Until there are tourists who come and visit the beauty take pictures uninterrupted.

Pak Nam Khaem Nu Bridge

Pak Nam Khaem Nu Bridge Which is another beautiful bridge over the river It is a point to view the sea and the lifestyle of local fishermen. In the evening, we will see people cycling and fishing on the edge of this bridge. Along the bridge there is a small park and a relaxation pavilion. There is a cool photo spot, whether it is a giant kilo.