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Chao Lao Beach

Visit Chanthaburi , Chao Lao Beach, the most popular beach of Chanthaburi. The sea here may not have clear water. White sandy beach like anywhere else. But one thing Chao Lao Beach has and makes us choose to relax because Here, there is an atmosphere that has come and it feels not chaotic. 

The surrounding environment is still very natural. Chao Lao Beach may not be the most beautiful sea. But if you come to rest for a night I certify that I like it. Both in terms of the atmosphere of the beach that is quite calm Fresh seafood Affordable price, good taste, suitable for packing bags and staying for a short period of time. Refresh the body and heart

Pink stone courtyard

Visit Chanthaburi

It is a tourist attraction located within the Kung Kraben No Hunting Area, Tha Mai District, Chanthaburi Province. It is a stone courtyard with pink and reddish brown. Strange beauty that penetrates along the beach, long to the end of the pink stone courtyard, which is an important viewpoint Can see the surrounding islands Beautifully.

Ban Hua Laem Pagoda

Located near Ban Hua Laem fishing pier. Na Yai Am District Chanthaburi The most interesting feature is the old white pagoda perched on the rocks in the middle of the sea. “Ban Hua Laem Chedi” is a 200 year old pagoda believed to be built to hold the minds of fishermen. There is a wooden bridge across the large rocks extending into the sea for a distance of about 50 meters as a walkway to worship Ban Hua Laem Pagoda.

sky view café

Beautiful view cafe next to Phasuknirun viewpoint. That may take a bit of time to walk up. But once it has gone up, it is worth it With a beautiful view of the shop overlooking the sea in the foreground. If you come in the evening, you can see the lights. And the view of the sunset from the storefront. In addition, there are still many photo spots inside the shop. Including translation nets extending into the sea Different types of bali bird nest.