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Visit in Chiang Mai.If you think of a tourist province That remains the main destination for tourists forever, it is not beyond Chiang Mai that has everything that you want, including beautiful mountains, sea of ​​mist, beautiful natural flower gardens. And still dominates the chic style of the coffee shop, the most stylish market for people who like to feel cool, take a walk and relax in the city If you are heading straight to Chiang Mai And look for a place fro Keep them on the list with 50 places to visit in Chiang Mai, really hot, really popular.

Doi Ang Khang, the land of romance that once in a lifetime must find a chance to visit. It is another popular mountain that no matter how long time has passed, it cannot reduce the current of Doi Ang Khang tourism. Doi Ang Khang is a solution for tourists who want to experience the cold weather. See beautiful winter flowerbeds and vegetation See the view of the sunrise and sea of ​​mist. Experience the diversity of Thai mountain life.

Visit in Chiang Mai Doi Mon Jam

Mon Jam  Doi that can go up to experience the cold wind Natural scenery, green mountains Ready to collect pictures with various kinds of flowers Visit Strawberry Farm Choose to buy Chao Doi products Indigenous clothing Winter vegetables and fruits. Able to travel all year round If you want to see the beautiful sea of ​​mist full and tight Recommend to come to the rainy season where there are still flowers to see in this season. But if you want to see winter flowers in a dense and beautiful way, you have to come in winter. Mon Jam has many accommodation options, including houses, tents, tents to experience cool weather Enjoy the view of the mountains on Mon Jam to the fullest.

Doi Inthanon

Another one of the highest mountain peaks in Thailand, although it is the highest mountain peak. But travel with ease There are rarely restrictions on travel. Although the road may be winding at some point But the road conditions are good along the route, can travel as a day trip or stay overnight, drinking the atmosphere. Making it a popular tourist destination from all ages Doi Inthanon has many beautiful places to visit, especially the famous Kew Mae Pan Viewpoint.

Visit in Chiang Mai

Doi Mon Ngo

Doi Mon Ngo is located in Mae Taeng district. It is a natural attraction that can see the alternating mountain peaks and descending as far as the eye. Visitors will experience nature. And cold Watch the morning sunrise and the beautiful sea of ​​mist stretching across the valley for many kilometers. In the evening can watch The sun can set at Doi Mon Ngo viewpoint. Which compared to visiting the beautiful sea of ​​mist at other points in Chiang Mai, Doi Mon Ngo is considered the closest to the city.