Barcelona negotiate sponsors to help bring Messi back.

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Barcelona negotiate with club sponsors to help bring Lionel Messi back to the team. Messi situation with Paris Saint-Germain There is still no clarity with the current contract expiring at the end of this season. But in the past there has been no progress.

Plus the latest case where Messi was booed by PSG fans again in the last game. Making the news flow back to Barcelona more intense. UFABET

On Monday, Sport cited reports from Jijantes that. Barca are in talks with the club’s top sponsors to help finance a potential return.

The Azul Grana side have made clear their desire to have Messi return to play in the Nou Camp again. But now he is stuck with unfavorable financial problems that have affected the team for a long time.

It is expected that Barca will try their best to find a solution in this regard. Including taking action to bring the club’s wage ceiling back into balance again.

In addition, the aforementioned Spanish media Also reported that. Barcelona could not proceed further because Messi still had to manage himself in terms of contract details first. This time, the top team of the Talan region. Waiting to get a big support budget for the team in hopes to help with money. Including future sponsors that the team thinks will play an important role in helping the chances of pulling Messi back to be higher than before.