Camavinga insists he is not a left-back.

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Eduardo Camavinga insists he prefers playing as a football midfielder over left-back. But he is ready to play in that position according to the trainer’s wishes.

Eduardo Camavinga, French midfielder for Real Madrid insists he is not a left-back player. Although ready to fill the position according to the needs of trainer Didier Deschamps or Carlo Ancelotti. There are limited options available. UFABET From what was revealed to Marca last Monday. 

‘They ask me this every day. I’m a guy who plays for the team and when I need to. I’ve never known this position before. But it is a position that I have to adapt to. Whether it’s with the French national team or Real Madrid. But I don’t like it. Especially that position I think everyone knows this. But if I had to play there, I would do it, even if it wasn’t out of satisfaction. I’m still a midfielder.’ Camavinga confirmed.

The 20-year-old midfielder also revealed to the media that. He has spoken to Ancelotti about the matter. ‘When I had to play there It’s not that difficult. I’ve talked to the trainer. But I have always said that the most important thing is the team. Someone has to play in that position. And as I am a player on the team So I played there. Even though I don’t like it very much. The best thing is to give everything for the club and the team. You don’t always have what you want in life. And you have to look at the bright side.’