Spain plans to extend De la Fuente contract.

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Luis de la Fuente the 62-year-old coach has the chance to take charge of the Spanish side until the 2026 Football World Cup.

Diario AS reported on Monday that. The Spanish Football Federation is considering extending Luis de la Fuente’s contract until the 2026 World Cup. After the 62-year-old coach led the Spanish side to a ticket to the tournament. Euro 2024 final round in the middle of next year in Germany as planned.

Spanish Football Federation selects de la Fuente as U-21 boss. At that time, he became the coach of the Bulls. After Luis Enrique Martinez’s contract expired after the 2022 World Cup. But the 62-year-old trainer was initially question about his skills. Especially after the 0-0 loss to Scotland 2 in the second match of the Euro 2024 qualifying round UFABET 

De la Fuente make amends by leading Spain to win the Nations League with a 5-4 win over Croatia. Before leading the Bulls to four consecutive victories in qualifying for Euro 2024. Leading the team to secure a ticket to play. The final round in the middle of next year was complete after the game defeated Norway 1-0 last Sunday.

According to Diario AS. Spanish Football Federation acting president Pedro Rocha is keen to extend de la Fuente’s contract until the 2026 World Cup. After the current deal expires. Euro 2024 tournament due to being impress by the performance of the 62-year-old trainer.

However, it is expected that Pedro Rocha will be named permanent president of the Spanish Football Federation. Once that stage is completed, negotiations for a contract extension. With de la Fuente are expected to be the first task of the new president of the federation.