Update ‘Number 1’ statistics the Premier League this season

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Update ‘Number 1’ statistics on various aspects of the Premier League this season after entering 2024.

 This weekend, the Premier League will return to play again
• But it won’t come in the ordinary way. That is, it comes in a squid-like form. Along with the annual winter break
• And on the occasion of the new year 2024, let’s go explore a little. Which players are the ‘statisticians’ in various aspects of the Premier League who have completed half of the season? Report from ufabet https://ufabet999.com

Top scorer

  • 14 goals: Erling Braut Haaland, Mohamed Salah
    12 goals: Dominic Solanke, Son Heung-min
    11 goals: Jarrod Bowen
    10 goals : Hwang Hee-chan

Completely different from the picture of the previous season, at that time Erling Braut Haaland, Manchester City’s striker, soared to the finish line without competition. This season, even though the devil like Haaland still remains standard. Similar to the original But there is an important character like Mohamed Salah, Liverpool’s top scorer in 2018, 2019 and 2022, emerging to compete for the full Golden Boot.

The first 20 games have gone by with Salah level with Haaland on 14 goals.

The funny thing is, Haaland was injured and had to rest his legs for the entire month of December. As for January, this is Salah’s turn to disappear from the team. To play in the Africa Cup of Nations 2023 , so it will probably be from February onwards that this pair will really open the battle for top scorer again.

The part that makes us proud of Korean people Well, in the top scorers chart right now there are two powerful players, including Son Heung-min, Spurs captain, who scored 12 goals, and followed by Hwang Hee-chan, Wolves’ striker. Hampton, who have scored 10 goals.

Assist star

  • 8 assists : Mohamed Salah, Ollie Watkins
    7 assists : Pedro Neto, Kieran Trippier
    6 assists : Julian Alvarez, Anthony Elanga, Phil Foden, Pascal Gross, Darwin Nuñez, Pedro Porro, James Ward-Prowse, Bukayo Sa Ka

Similarly, if Haaland’s Player of the Year award last season came with tangible results, this season it has the right to go to Mohamed Salah, as both the top scorer and the top scorer. Scist is, until now, the best Egyptian player from Liverpool, standing as the leader in both categories.

Lord Taban

  • 70 Shot Chances: Darwin Nuñez
    65 Shot Chances: Mohamed Salah
    58 Shot Chances: Erling Haaland
    55 Shot Chances: Ollie Watkins

In terms of total shooting opportunities Still at the Reds’ Liverpool camp as well, but it’s Darwin Nuñez, the Uruguayan striker. Who has had the most scoring opportunities in the Premier League this season?

On the one hand, it may be praised that Nuñez is good at finding opportunities and has good movement. Great at coordinating with friends

But on the one hand, it must admitted that out of 70 shooting opportunities, only 5 goals were scored…not a satisfactory sharpness rating at all.

target shooting hand

  • 4 penalties: Joao Pedro, Cole Palmer, Mohamed Salah, Douglas Luiz
    3 penalties: Erling Haaland, Brian Bemo

For the penalty killer The highest number is equal to 4: Joao Pedro (Brighton), Cole Palmer (Chelsea), Mohamed Salah (Liverpool) and Douglas Luiz (Aston Villa). )

Only of these, Salah will actually become a leader as well. If he hadn’t missed 2 penalties in the games against Bournemouth (3-1) and Newcastle (4-1)

What is worth applauding is Cole Palmer. At only 21 years of age and having just moved to Chelsea in his first year, this youngster took on the role of executioner amazingly, scoring 4 times, all 4 goals.