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4 advantages of going out.

This is the semester break for university students. And going out is one of the most popular activities. Travel has many advantages besides resting the body, mind and brain. Let’s see. 1. Practiced planning and solving immediate problems going out. Going out often gives us a systematic idea. Because each

The advantages of travel.

I believe that there are probably not many people who love to travel. Because I have seen many things like in this world that had never been seen before. It’s a reward for life. Energize life to come back to fight with the hard work. But many people may not

Harajuku Thailand a place to visit in Bangkok.

         Harajuku Thailand. Travel in Bangkok Japanese village style A place to hang out. Including restaurants, various activities, as well as photogenic corners. That are as beautiful as if you were actually going to Japan.           Is there anyone around here who

Phuket Old Town

A places to visit in Phuket with families(2)

Phuket Old Town A places to visit in Phuket with families, The Sino-Portuguese style old town. It is a style that is a perfect blend of Eastern and Western art. There are many alleys connected together. Full of architecture and street art that tells the story and culture