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4 great tips to help delay knee osteoarthritis

4 great tips to help delay knee osteoarthritis. The knee joint is a part that has use continuously for a long time. As a result, the joint surface wears easily. Osteoarthritis symptoms are usually found in people aged 50 years and over and occur more

Be aware and be able to cope when menopause comes.

Be aware and be able to cope when menopause comes. Menopause symptoms are caused by a decrease in sex hormones. In women, when they enter menopause, there will be a rapid decrease in sex hormones. Resulting in both physical and mental changes that are more pronounced

Liverpool vs. Fulham: Carabao Cup 2023/24 live

Liverpool vs. Fulham: Carabao Cup 2023/24 live What’s going on before the Carabao Cup game this week? along with the movements of both teams Update on players not ready to play and predict the results of the competition. Liverpool is feeling confident after defeating Arsenal at home in

Camavinga insists he is not a left-back.

Eduardo Camavinga insists he prefers playing as a football midfielder over left-back. But he is ready to play in that position according to the trainer’s wishes. Eduardo Camavinga, French midfielder for Real Madrid insists he is not a left-back player. Although ready to fill the position according

Pedri looks likely to help Barca take on Shakhtar.

Spanish media reports that Barcelona may get Pedri back to help again in the game against Shakhtar Donetsk on the Champions League stage. The 20-year-old midfielder has not been involved with Azulgrana since August 20. The club followed the medical team’s advice that. Players should recover

Spain plans to extend De la Fuente contract.

Luis de la Fuente the 62-year-old coach has the chance to take charge of the Spanish side until the 2026 Football World Cup. Diario AS reported on Monday that. The Spanish Football Federation is considering extending Luis de la Fuente’s contract until the 2026 World